How to promote a product for sale?

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Promotion of the endurance drink
Ways of promoting our sports energy drink “endurance drink” are by a vast variety of marketing strategies. Direct mail or leaflet drops though this only has a 2-3% positive response so if the business drops around 100 leaflets promoting our energy drink only around 25 people are going to be interested the other 975 people will simply just throw it out.
More ways of promoting the energy drink are by exhibitions most products have two exhibitions in the year. These usually expensive because, the exhibitions usually cost a lot because of free samples and other free promotional products. Some ways of promoting the energy drink at an exhibition are, having an exhibition at a soccer gala day or a big sporting event, If a kid comes up and samples the sports drink and then like it, the kid will immediately go and harass their parents to buy more of the drink.
Public relations prove to be very good for your product for example charity donations and other news worthy events can usually produce high levels of sales with minimal outlay.
Door to door Telesales and Door to Door sales give you more control over your market than other methods of promotion. A team of sales people can attack a certain area of houses selling our sports drink.
Another great way of promoting our product would be by having a TV or radio add campaign where a catchy jingle could be used and people would remember the name of our product. On our add campaign we can also have quotes about how our energy drink will provide 20% more energy boost then any other competitor on the market.
If we follow these guideline our energy drink should be great and we should be making some nice profits in the future.

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