Selling Stuff Online Some Advice

Posted by admin on April 4, 2011 in Advice On Selling Online |

When you are selling stuff online you need to be smart about it, first you need to research on websites what is a popular item that is selling. Then you need to make sure you take some good quality photos from all directions to make sure potential buyers.

When you are writing your advert for your new listing it is important to be detailed but do not write a massive essay about your item. It is important to offer pick up on the item if potential buyers want to pick it up.

In regards to payment methods for the item some methods which are advisable for payment are 1. for smaller items I would say to use PayPal as it is easy to use, yet I would not recommend paypal for larger items.

2. For larger items I would advise for people to use Escrow or Bank Check on pick up as these methods are far more safer.



If you have any other advice for selling online please leave a comment below –

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